6 Tips on Using Press Releases Effectively for Internet Marketing

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If your company marketing objectives include getting better search engine results then you should seriously consider using online press releases.

Since an increasing number of people are now getting their news and information online businesses must adjust the way they write press releases to be found by search engines. Press releases should be optimized for search so that they can more likely show up on the first page of search engine results. An optimized press release can get you in the top ten results in Google News, Yahoo! News, and other news websites on the internet.

Optimized press releases can also help your company marketing efforts by:

  • Creating inbound links to your website
  • Enabling you to reach millions of internet users
  • Improving your website ranking in the natural search results
  • Providing opportunities for journalists to find you for traditional media coverage

There are a number of free sites that offer press release templates and free submission of your press release. Here are just a few: favorite)

6 Tips for Optimizing your Press Releases:

1) Be sure your press releases display the most important keyword in the headline and first sentences of the lead paragraph

2) Link up to 3 important keywords (anchor text) in the press release to a relevant page on your web site but make sure they are different pages

3) Display your press releases at your website under a News page

4) Commit to writing press releases on a scheduled basis on pre planned topics created to achieve company marketing objectives. Topics must be interesting and useful to the audience such as company news, new employees, webinars, workshops, special sales, new service offerings, seminars, etc. You can also write a timely informational piece about something that is currently in the news

5) Consider a subscription to Expertclick, which is an online yearbook of experts at Register to get listed as an expert in their database because journalists often search it when looking for expert sources. The paid service also allows you to submit up to 52 press releases per year at no additional fee

6) Circulate your press releases as news, discussions, or events through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and other professional forums and online communities

I do suggest that every company create a yearly marketing plan with optimized press releases as an integral part of your company marketing objectives. By using press releases you are taking full advantage of the online tools at your disposal and more likely to achieve your marketing objectives.

What is your experience with using online press releases?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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