How To Export Linkedin Contacts

How To Export Linkedin Contacts or Connections

How To Export Linkedin Contacts

Not many people are aware that Linkedin has one of the best business databases available. They are also not aware that you can export the names and email addresses of everyone with whom you are connected on Linkedin. In my experience if someone took the time to connect with you on Linkedin they realize the value of relationships and are more likely than a cold-call to be a receptive audience for your product or service offering.

Here’s A Step-By-Step On How to Export Linkedin Contacts or Connections

You can export a .CSV file of your connections from the Contact Settings page. Note: Only the full name, email address, current employer, and position are exported.

To Export Your Contacts or Connections List:

1. Move your cursor over Connections at the top of your homepage and select Keep in Touch.

2. In the Connections Header area to the right you will see two icons. Click the Right, star-like Settings icon to reach the Contact Settings page.

3. Under Advanced Settings on the right, click Export LinkedIn Connections.

4. Choose the format of the file you want to download and enter the security verification text if prompted and then click Continue.

5. Click Export.

6. Save the file somewhere you can easily find it, maybe to a folder named Linkedin Connections file.

I was amazed when I downloaded my list, that I had almost 4,000 names and email addresses on the list.

Now Segment Your List

Now that you have your list-why don’t you start by asking them if they would be interested in opting in to your newsletter, or blog article feed. The goal is begin to cultivate this list so that you can begin to segment it based on their needs and interest in your services.

Good luck exporting your list, and let me know if I can help in any way.

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