The Importance of Keyword Selection In Google Ranking

Why Are Research Or Shopping Keywords Different from Buying Keywords?

Different keywords and keyword phrases are used by internet searchers for different reasons. Think about what keywords you use when you are doing research. When one of my business coaching clients suspected he had ADHD due to problems with time management at work- he did some research using the keywords ‘ADHD’ and ‘symptoms of ADHD’ and ‘ADHD and problems at work’ online. But when he was looking for a coach he searched for ‘coach for ADHD,’ and Boston Business Coach for ADHD,’ and he found my website.

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Why Keyword Selection In Google Ranking Is Important

Searching using different keywords produces different results and reaches different target markets. If you decide to optimize your website keywords for more general terms- then you may get more hit/clicks to your website, especially if those keywords are not very competitive. But, more clicks is not always better because if people are directed by Google to your website and do not find what they are looking for, they immediately leave your website. Google calls that a “bounce,” and Google will penalize site your site if it has a high bounce rate. Once it does so, you will have less of a chance that it will display your website when people search using those same keywords. So it is important that you choose the keywords you want to rank for wisely and optimize each page for only one set of keywords.

Do Keyword Research Before Writing Content for Your Website or Blog

When we write webpages and a blog or e-newsletter article for clients to help them rank better on search engines- we do keyword research using some keyword search tools that help us understand search volume, the frequency at which people are searching for specific keywords, as well as the competition for those keywords.

Effective SEO Campaigns

To be effective in our search engine optimization(SEO) efforts, we typically use a combination of broad terms and refined phrases to access researchers(shoppers) and those ready to purchase services (buyers).

We recommend having content on your website or blog that gives prospective clients specific information on what they are searching, as well as a lead generation tool such as an e-newsletter sign up or RSS feed, for those that want to subscribe, get to know you better, and see what services you offer. It helps it you integrate your social presence with your website so people can receive information from whatever information source they most frequently use. Google likes when you ‘engage’ with others online and factors in the number of comments on your blog for example in determining your rankings. We also recommend a call to action phone number, or contact us email link to gather information so they can get in touch with you right away.

Balancing Relevancy and Keyword Search Volume

Just to summarize, Google and other search engines rank you on how relevant your website is to the searcher’s keyword search online. By using the proper keywords and providing specific keyword-related information on your site-you make your content more relevant to their keyword search. By using many marketing channels to broadcast your content- you are giving people the information they want, when they want it, and where they can easily find it. This, in turn, will minimize you having to deal with those who are shopping around, and will get you more traffic to your website and more clients who are your ideal clients.

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