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For anyone to be successful in owning or running a business they must have a marketing plan with specific goals, actions steps and timelines. Having a marketing plan coach can help business owners focus on their business by taking a step back from their business.

A Marketing plan must be multi-faceted using a variety of channels such as your website, blogs, email marketing, social media, internet directories, video, advertising, and yes, traditional or print media, which can still be useful in this digital age.

Search engine optimization (SEO), the process of using various strategies to show up on the first page of a Google or other search engine search, is essential for the success of your marketing plan, especially if you are looking for local website traffic.

For some businesses, buying ad space on various social networks and/or search engine result pages can bring you traffic, and a good ROI, in a short period of time, if done correctly.

More ¬†marketing plan tips can be found in an article I wrote back in 2009 entitled ¬†“6 Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Plan” found here:¬†

Although written in 2009-these tips are still relevant today.

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