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Why SEO Services Are Important

The majority of searches for product or service information are now conducted on the internet. For most industries, your prospects are searching for you online, so your website must show up in their search results on the first page of a search. Research shows that 90 percent of people who conduct a search online will not look beyond the first page of results. In fact, 75 percent won’t look past the first five results.We create and implement a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for your website.


Search Engine Optimization Westwood SEO Services:

We provide the following SEO services in MA and worldwide:



SEO Strategy

Our SEO Services look strategically at your company’s marketing goals and determine the smartest, most cost effective way to gain more online visibility. Our SEO service takes into account how search engines work, what people search for, including the exact keywords or search terms that are being used when people use search engines to find your products or services. We look at your industry, your competition; especially what is working for them, and then create a custom SEO strategy that gets results.

SEO by Modifying Website Design

Oftentimes, SEO practices may be incorporated into the website design and development. For example, a call to action such as an email newsletter sign up, a video, or contact form may be added to increase conversions and better track calls to action on the website.


SEO to Increase Website Visibility

Our SEO Services help business owners and others responsible for marketing in the organization to increase the online visibility of a company’s website so that those searching for relevant keyword terms will find the company’s site in the natural or “organic” search results.

SEO by Creating Content

Our SEO Consultant may create new pages, link existing pages within a website, create new blog articles, press releases, forum, blog or group commenting, suggest promotions, develop or recommend ads using our SEO Copywriting service.

SEO Through a Change in Website Coding

Our SEO Consultant will optimize, or improve, the visibility and ranking of your website by editing or adding to your content and modifying relevant your websites programming coding language (HTML) to both increase it’s relevance to specific keywords and improve the search engine’s ability to find and search the website. If needed, we will create a new sitemap and will adjust the URL structure of your website so that it improves your SEO.

SEO by Adding and Encouraging Links to Website

Our SEO Consultant will work to increase the number and quality of backlinks, or inbound links to the website. They may also work to remove links that may be detrimental to the site ranking. Learn more about our Link Building Services

SEO by Search Engine Registration and Submission Services

Our SEO consultant checks to make sure the business is listed in all major search engines

SEO by Creating Campaign Outcome Measures, Reviewing, & Making and Implementing Changes

Our SEO consultant tracks progress with campaigns, makes suggestions for improvement, and may implement changes.

Internet Directory Registration and Listing on Social Bookmarking sites

Our SEO consultant ensures that the business is registered on industry specific internet directories, local and mobile directories as well as Social Bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious. Learn more about our internet directory registration services.

Why Choose Kessler Marketing For Your SEO Work?

Kessler Marketing has a proven track record of marketing and SEO campaign improvement. Kessler Marketing can provide businesses with custom SEO consulting services and research-based, results-driven solutions for their SEO needs. Let us help you create an affordable and custom strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

To learn more about Kessler Marketing Search Engine Optimization SEO services- call our SEO Consultant at 781-325-8186.