Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Mobile websites

A Mobile Website is a Necessity

Market trends indicate that mobile web use is exploding onto the local and global marketplace. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, and an increasing number of people are using their mobile device to conduct searches for products and services. For example, 60% of smart phone users conduct local searches on the web using their cell phone, and 50% of all internet searches for local products and services are done from mobile devices. For businesses that can adapt, this translates into new revenue opportunities, and revolutionary communication and marketing possibilities.

Research has shown that most existing websites cannot be used on mobile devices effectively. And, if you have you taken the time to view your own website on a mobiles device- you were probably not impressed because most websites were created for computer monitors, not small screens. Most sites when viewed on a mobile device are difficult to read, navigate, or have missing text or pictures.

Benefits of a Mobile Website

A well built mobile-friendly website will:

  • Show up higher in search engine results for local searches
  • Help you attract and retain more customers
  • Integrate seamlessly with social media platforms
  • Load quicker and be easier for people “on the go” to find/contact you
  • Give you a competitive edge over your competition
  • Easily integrate with phone selling and ecommerce
  • Work better with SMS text marketing

I have observed on Google analytics data that bounce rate (percentage of visitors who enter your website and “bounce,” or leave the site, rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site, is high for mobile users. You have, at most, 3-4 seconds to keep the visitor on your website when they search for it using their mobile phone. If your website looks like a mess, and is difficult to navigate, then you lost your potential customer on the spot.

Kessler Marketing offers a range of custom mobile website design solutions starting from simple information websites to large websites, all platform-independent. We design simple, beautiful, yet efficient and professional mobile websites by focusing on the user’s experience, so your customers can easily view and navigate through your website on their mobile phone. We create mobile sized, fast loading mobile web pages, that are easy to navigate. We can also convert your existing website to a mobile compatible website to make it more mobile friendly.

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